Originally from Germany, Jutta arrived on Canada’s shore in 1966 and quickly fell in love with this great country and what it had to offer.

Jutta’s involvement in the Arts began early in life. Your typical day would find her and her four older sisters gathered around the big table doing crafts. They proved quite adept in discovering new projects - due to the absence of television, there were few distractions in those early years.

The encouragement of her high school art teacher in the late sixties led Jutta to pottery, which held her interest for almost 25 years. It resulted not only in the creation of her own award winning pottery studio, but also in being a founding member of a Regional Potters' Guild, whose membership has since reached well over 200. 

Jutta’s love for nature and an inescapable desire to capture it took her from clay to photography and ended in fine art. This allowed her the freedom to add her own interpretation to the subjects of her choice.

Her tactile approach - and not shying away from experimenting and developing new techniques through multilayered and textured backgrounds - is an attempt to give her paintings that recognizable element.

“I love the creative process of painting!”


Marc Rothko, Emil Nolde and Max Ernst being three of her most admired painters, Jutta’s style is perhaps best described as “Abstract Expressionism” where technique and execution allow her the freedom of emotional expression. Through overall simplification of space with a poignant focal point in place, at times an almost surrealistic painting evolves.

"Any preconceived concept may well fall prey to an inadvertent change of direction my brush is taking. I let my canvas speak to me!”

The Dundas Valley School of Art, Ontario’s Mohawk College Vancouver’s Emily Carr Institute, Malespina Printmaking Studio and the Atlin School of Art were instrumental in providing the tools for achieving the goals she set herself. 

Since 1998 Jutta is actively involved with the Vancouver Federation of Canadian Artists (FCA) and has since become a Signature Member.
Her work has garnered numerous awards and has been exhibited at the Galleries of Vancouver, Victoria, Calgary and Edmonton. It has also been featured in National and International Magazines.